MCU X-Men Movie Finally Moving Forward As Marvel Prepares To Hear Writer Pitches

Under Fox, the “X-Men” movies were massively successful. 2000’s “X-Men” helped cement the superhero movie craze we’ve been living in for more than 20 years now, with a series of sequels and spin-offs following in the ensuing two decades. The last official movie in the series was 2019’s critically and commercially disappointing “Dark Phoenix.” The last movie to feature mutants of any kind produced by Fox was “New Mutants,” which was dumped in theaters during the pandemic. In short, it’s been a while since this franchise has graced the big screen. It’s been far longer since an outright great entry in the series.

As it stands, the only live-action mutant-centric project on the horizon within the MCU is “Deadpool 3,” which will not only bring back Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, but Hugh Jackman as Wolverine as well. Meanwhile, the MCU is working through Phase 5 and Phase 6 right now, with “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty” and “Avengers: Secret Wars” set to serve as a two-part conclusion. Presumably, the “X-Men” reboot won’t happen until after those movies come out, meaning late 2027 at the earliest. In the meantime, Marvel can focus on the animated “X-Men ’97” on Disney+ while we wait for a live-action revival of the mutants.

The “X-Men” reboot does not currently have a release date but stay tuned as we’ll be sure to bring you more details as they come our way.

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