Mia Goth Says MaXXXine Will Be ‘The Best Movie’ Of Ti West’s New Trilogy

One thing that Mia Goth said about the film, however, might be rife for overanalysis and speculation. When expressing her excitement for the shoot, she may or may not have slipped hints about who will be joining her. “We’re all so tight now,” she exclaimed. “This is going to be our third movie we’re working on together and everyone’s coming back together, so it’s bringing the band all back together again.”

Of course, there is a chance that Goth is referring to the crew members. The almost-immediate production of “Pearl” after “X” resulted in most of the crew being reused. If this is the case, then hearing Goth talk about them with such enthusiasm is extremely sweet. That being said, there is also the chance that she is referring to the casts of “X” and “Pearl” — after all, neither film had lengthy cast lists, and having the actors play new characters that feel a bit too familiar could be interesting. Plus, it’s not like there isn’t some overlap between the casts and the crew — Scott Mescudi, who played veteran porn star Jackson Hole in “X,” serves as producer on both movies.

No matter who Goth was referring to, “MaXXXine” is a project that we are extremely excited by. “X” and “Pearl” were both refreshingly dramatic takes on old-school slashers, as well as compelling character pieces. “MaXXXine” currently does not have a release date.

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