Michael Sheen On The ‘Very Moving’ Experience Of Playing Aziraphale Again [Exclusive Interview]

Speaking of Gabriel, and you see this in the trailer and especially in the first episode, Crowley and Aziraphale are like an odd couple in certain ways and it’s almost like they got a child. How is that dynamic with Jon Hamm [who plays Gabriel]?

Well, certainly for a character like Aziraphale, it’s great comic material. For a character like Aziraphale, who frets and worries, stresses, and gets exasperated, to have a character who just is totally exasperating that he has to look after was just a very rich area to explore. But yeah, very much so.

I mean, they are like a married couple, even though they’re a very odd couple, they do complement each other in all kinds of ways. And yes, they suddenly have this person who’s dependent on them […] but they’re also aware, having had past experiences with him. So it was a brilliant idea to have Gabriel suddenly show up with apparently no memory of who he is and to have them have to look after him and deal with him. It’s a brilliant device, I think, and it was great to play.

I loved playing the scenes where Jon just sits there with that stupid grin on his face and just drives Aziraphale bonkers. They were great scenes to play, and I really enjoyed them. And it was great to see Jon again. I mean, we had such a great time together on the first one, and I know Jon anyway, outside of “Good Omens,” and it was just so great to get to spend more time together.

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