Mike Myers Created His Wayne’s World Character Long Before Saturday Night Live

Even if you never saw the skits or the show, you probably know the catchphrases that Wayne and Garth used. They introduced themselves on the cable access show by greeting each other with “Party on, Wayne” and “Party on, Garth.” “Schwing” with an accompanying pelvic thrust showed that they were into someone. “We’re not worthy” was the chant when they worshiped a musician or anyone else. If something seemed unlikely, Wayne would say, “Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt.”

All of it came out of little skits that Myers would do to entertain his friends in the ’70s and ’80s while he was growing up in Toronto, Canada. In fact, he based Wayne on himself and those friends, though he did say in a Rolling Stone article in 1992 (via The Ringer) that he (and Wayne) were smarter than people gave him credit for. “I was always a student who liked to hang out with the guys who partied — and get my homework done. People just thought I was an idiot who liked to party. People always underestimate Wayne’s intellect.” 

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