Mutant Mayhem Wasn’t In The Script

During an interview with ScreenRant (conducted prior to the SAG-AFTRA strikes), the cast opened up about all of the banter that wasn’t in the script but was still recorded as the Turtles all improvised together. “I would say a good chunk of the movie is a lot of improvisation,” said Micah Abbey. He continued:

“We literally — and I think we did a good job, especially Nick [Cantu] to bring it back because we do the scene, and then we do it again, and then Jeff [Rowe, director] would be like, ‘Okay, just be yourself. Say it if you weren’t even trying to be a character,’ which was the most important thing, we were bringing life to the character by just saying what was on our mind, saying what a teenager would say, and then Nick would kind of bring it back to the script.”

Leonardo has always been the leader of the group, so it makes sense that his voiceover actor would also become the one to get the group back on track. “I’m realizing it now, yes, I was the leader the whole time, it just oozed out of me,” joked Cantu. “We had a great script, but it was also very fun to just mess around and see what came out, and I think Jeff or Seth [Rogen] said that they were listening to us while we were just hanging out, and not even recording, and they would go back into the booth and they would be like, ‘Okay, we need to get them to say that into the mic,’ so it was very realistic, it was just us.”

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem” is playing in theaters.

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