Mythic Quest Co-Creator Megan Ganz On Poppy And Ian’s Big Origin Story Episode [Exclusive Interview]

I think one throughline that I’ve noticed with all of those one-offs is that they’re about how memory and emotion gets channeled into creation, right? It’s not as clear-cut as something just happening at the workplace. And I got to ask some of the actresses as well, but I was curious, do you have your own version of Ian’s game from this episode, something that inspired you in a way like that?

Oh, yeah. Well, mine is my dad. My dad was really funny, and he introduced me to the Marx Brothers, and he showed me “SNL” for the first time, and he got me really interested in comedy. And he passed away when I was young, and I think a huge major motivator in my life is just feeling like my connection to comedy is kind of a connection to my father in some way. So, that’s driving me. I’ve done a lot of therapy to unpack it.

But yeah. I think, definitely, that thing to be understood, to be seen, I think that was a special connection I had with him, and it made me feel very seen for when I would write something funny and he would like it. It felt like a special little bond that we had. So I think a lot of my writing has always been chasing that bond. Yeah.

Yeah. That makes sense. Thanks for sharing that.

Of course.

I guess my only other question is just if you have anything you could say [about “Mere Mortals”], but I know it’s early stages.

Yeah, it’s really early stages. All I can say is that it’s going to be run by three of our best writers from the “Mythic Quest” room. And they are so instrumental to what has made “Mythic Quest” good up until now. So, I’m really excited to see where they take this show. Doing a spin-off, we want it to have a lot of interplay with “Mythic Quest” so that it’s like if you watch both shows, you have a deeper understanding of both because you’re seeing the ways that one affects the other. And I think it’s just like a cool little puzzle we’ll get to do for the next few … well, hopefully, a few seasons!

“Mythic Quest” is now streaming on Apple TV+, with new episodes each Friday.

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