Nancy Meyers’ Paris Paramount Is No More At Netflix

Meyers’ films are much loved for their charming love stories and stunning home aesthetic, which have been a constant in all her movies. From gorgeous kitchens to cozy interior design and an abundance of natural light, her filmography is teeming with it. “Paris Paramount” was expected to bring to the screen the same movie magic we’ve seen in her work before, with the project being set at a staggering $150 million. 

The film was initially announced last April and described to be a semi-autobiographical tale centered on a young writer-director who falls in love with a producer. The pair share a terrific creative partnership and make several successful films before parting ways … and are forced back together when a new project arises, and they’re compelled to deal with “high stakes and volatile stars.”

Meyers was set to write, direct as well as produce the untitled project, and judging from her past work, one can only imagine how incredible the film had the potential to be. And we haven’t even talked about the rumored star cast — reports also state the cast was to include Hollywood heavyweights Penélope Cruz, Michael Fassbender, Owen Wilson, and Scarlett Johansson. It would’ve been Meyers-helmed first full-length feature film in nearly a decade.

This isn’t the first time Netflix has canceled a project, of course. The streamer has been cautious with spending on big-budgeted shows and has canceled several successful ones during their prime. As per The Hollywood Reporter, Meyers’ project was scrapped when the filmmaker and the streamer couldn’t find a way to navigate their budgeting conflict. It’s a shame the project won’t see the light of day, but here’s hoping Meyers is able to bring it to life through another studio.

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