New Blood Season 2 Won’t Happen, But A Prequel Series Is Possible

What more could you possibly do with “Dexter” after you’ve finally killed him off? Well, according to TVLine, there are some folks at Showtime who are throwing around a number of spinoff ideas, with one of them being Dexter’s youth. Going the prequel route is a time-honored television tradition, but it’s really strange to go down the route with “Dexter” of all shows.

The original series showed us everything we needed to see from the serial killer’s childhood. If Dexter was having a moment of crisis, it usually led to a flashback sequence that shows how he got to that point. This prequel development feels so uniquely unnecessary, but at the same time, that’s never stopped a Hollywood executive before. Barring his much younger stages, one of the funniest decisions the original showrunners made was slapping a comically awful wig on Hall.

Although the series was legitimately funny, the horrible headpiece deflated the impact of any scene it’s used for, notably during Dexter’s first human kill. With that said, I will give Showtime so much respect if “Young Dexter” brings Hall back and doesn’t even mention the clear age difference. Realistically, they would probably bring in Alcott to film the younger version of his screen father. There isn’t much left to explore with this character’s already-trodden past, but we’ll just have to wait and see what kind of tricks are up Showtime’s sleeve.

“Dexter: New Blood” is currently streaming on Showtime.

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