New Indiana Jones LEGO Sets Bring The Classic Adventures To Life Again

  • LEGO Indiana Jones Temple of the Golden Idol building set celebrates the legacy of Indiana Jones with this rewarding build where adults can recreate the iconic opening scene from the “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark” movie. This impressive 1545-piece set pays homage to iconic characters and scenes that will look great displayed on a shelf once complete.

The opening sequence of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” is one of the greatest scenes of all-time. Packed with suspense, thrills, and pure adventure, it’s a classic moment in cinema history. Indiana Jones and his sidekick Satipo (Alfred Molina) must avoid booby traps in their pursuit of the Chachapoyan Fertility Idol, or the Golden Idol. But Indy is about to be betrayed by Satipo, putting him in even more danger. All the obstacles each of them face are here, including creepy crawly spiders and that massive rolling boulder. It’s an outstanding diorama of the entire sequence, and we can’t wait to build it. Pre-order this set for $149.99.

Here’s to hoping there are more classic Indiana Jones LEGO sets on the way!

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