Nia Long Calls Out Avatar Casting: Why Am I Not Considered?

Nia Long is calling out Hollywood for leaving her out of casting conversations. In a new interview with The Cut (via IndieWire), the “You People” actor questioned why she was never in the conversation to star as Neytiri in James Cameron’s “Avatar.”

“I’ve felt passed over on things, for sure,” Long said. “There have definitely been moments like, ‘Why wasn’t I considered for that?’ Like, why wasn’t I considered for ‘Avatar’? I think Zoe’s amazing. But I wasn’t even a topic of discussion, you know?”

Although Long admitted that “a lot of times, to be fair, directors know in their minds who they want,” she still finds herself feeling passed over for big Hollywood roles.

“I would love to do a film like ‘Avatar’ because I’m really a fan and obsessed,” Long said. “I would even do a supporting role in a film like that because it’s so magical and beautiful, and there are so many lessons and a connection to Mother Nature, humanity, and race. I just think it’s fantastical.”

Long said she has not recently had to audition for parts, but she certainly would if an opportunity for “Avatar” came along.

“Right, for ‘Avatar 5,’ I would [audition],” Long said. “I would if it was something that someone thought I wasn’t right for that I know I could do.”

Long currently stars opposite Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy in Netflix’s comedy “You People,” which topped the streamer’s weekly most-watched film chart during its debut. The “Avatar” franchise, meanwhile, has experienced renewed success with the release of “Avatar: The Way of Water,” which has become the fourth highest-grossing movie in history with $2.17 billion worldwide.

Cameron has already shot “Avatar 3” and parts of “Avatar 4,” so Long’s chance of starring in the franchise rests in “Avatar 5.”

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