Nicholas Braun Knew Succession Season 3 Was Important For Greg’s Evolution

After the interviewer remarked to Nicholas Braun that Greg became more confident and sure of himself in season 3, the 34-year-old American actor agreed: “I think he does too. That was one of our goals for this season, to figure out how Greg confidently takes shape within this world. I think the scene with Logan in episode 4 when he gives him the rum and coke is quite an initiation. To be valued by Logan enough to be brought in gave him a vote of confidence.” Braun has also noted how they paid attention to Greg’s physical appearance as season 3 went along.

In a season where the Roy children started waging war against their father, the opportunistic parasites that they are, Tom and Greg began to take advantage of the situation by trying to make deals with Logan. The “Succession” season 3 scene Braun points out is especially poignant because it is one of the first times Greg is recognized by Logan in a way that is dignified. Greg has such a way of disarming people with his aloofness that he is able to break down their walls, and with Logan, it’s especially effective.

“It was also exciting to do a one-on-one scene with Brian [Cox, who plays Logan]. I was looking forward to it for weeks,” Braun said. “Greg is trying to get something real out of Logan, and Brian just presents a strong wall while I just keep letting it all out.”

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