Night Country, And Much More

With a new year rapidly approaching, that means new shows and new seasons of our favorite programs are on their way. HBO and HBO Max are home to some of the most anticipated media of 2023, and they recently released a new sizzle reel of footage of what we can expect to watch. The majority of footage shown in the video are older clips of popular shows such as “Barry” and “Hacks,” but that doesn’t mean it was skimping on entirely new footage, especially for a few high-profile projects.

“The Last of Us” fans got their first look, or rather listen, of the show’s clickers, an evolved type of infected that protagonists Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) will have to overcome. “Succession” die-hards got to see some glimpses of the epic familial struggle that its fourth season will center around, and perhaps most intriguingly, we got our first-ever look at Issa López’s “True Detective: Night Country” starring Jodie Foster and Kali Reis. Other showcased titles include season 2 of “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty,” the buzzy true crime miniseries “Love and Death,” and The Weeknd’s much-delayed “The Idol.” Needless to say, this preview has something for everyone, so check it out below.

What comes next?

While the footage we saw in this teaser does look enticing, you would be forgiven if it left a weird taste in your mouth. After all, HBO Max has been under fire this year for canceling and removing several programs, including those that were already renewed for new seasons like “Minx.” This makes any renewal on the platform the subject of scrutiny. The response to the recent renewal of “The Sex Lives of College Girls,” for example, has been mostly fans being unsure that a third season of the popular comedy will get made due to the unpredictability of these recent content purges.

There’s also the issue of HBO Max potentially no longer being a thing as 2023 progresses. Warner Bros. Discovery has been working on a streaming service that combines HBO Max with Discovery+, and details on what exactly will happen to these platforms are still unknown. Will all of the programs advertised in this promotional video be moved over to this new service when it arrives next Spring? Will the service just slowly phase out HBO Max and Discovery+ instead of shutting them down immediately after its debut? Who knows! Regardless, at least we’ll get to see some presumably-great shows in the new year. Let’s just hope they all actually maintain a renewal.

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