No Way Home Was Pirated A Ton, Legends Of Tomorrow Return (On The Flash) & More

Sadly, “Legends of Tomorrow” had its run cut a little short on The CW, meaning that fans didn’t have the chance to see the show conclude properly. Luckily though, the Arrowverse will provide at least some closure in “The Flash” season 9. In an interview with Nerds of Color, showrunner Eric Wallace confirmed that “all” the Legends are going to “appear in an episode” in the show’s final season, which kicks off this week. However, before the episode order was cut, Wallace had larger plans in store:

“There was originally when I had hoped that we’d had 20 episodes, but my original concept was to have at least one — if not a two parter — that wrapped up ‘Legends of Tomorrow.’ And you know, there will be a little crossover we get them back, we get them out of time jail, all these good things, Booster Gold, etc, etc. When we found out we only have 13 episodes, that was no longer possible. We barely have enough time to wrap up things with Barry and Iris’ upcoming family let alone who is Danielle Panabaker playing now, so there wasn’t enough time. So unfortunately, we’re not going to be able to wrap up the ‘Legends’ storyline which I know is very disappointing to the fans. It’s disappointing to me. But we just don’t have the bandwidth.”

But hey, at least the Legends will be back in some capacity. “The Flash” season 9 kicks off tomorrow on The CW.

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