Of Course Uwe Boll Thinks Postal Is A Better Video Game Adaptation Than The Last Of Us

I’ll admit that even acknowledging this likely troll comment from a director with a notorious history of popping off when he doesn’t get his way will sustain his hunger for attention, but after hearing Guinevere Turner speak about her experiences working with Uwe Boll on “BloodRayne” in the documentary “Tales From the Script,” I will never pass up the opportunity to dunk on him. Maybe if I’m lucky, he’ll challenge me to a boxing match as he did with other critics as shown in his film “Raging Boll.” As an adult woman who doesn’t need to compensate for a clear sense of inadequacy with feats of masculine physicality, I am politely declining in advance.

What makes me think that Boll wasn’t actually trolling with his comment that “Postal” is somehow better than “The Last of Us” (lol 4 ever, no) is the fact he deleted his Facebook comment. Boll is infamous for making outlandish statements and dying on truly ridiculous hills, especially when he’s trying to stoke flames for outrage-inspired attention. The fact he deleted his post makes me think that perhaps he genuinely believes “Postal” is a great adaptation, and maybe, just maybe, people immediately telling him he’s wrong with data-supported evidence got under his skin.

Or perhaps this is a sign that Uwe Boll has finally matured to a point where he’s realized existing in a state of derisory is no way to live.

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