On John Wick 4, Keanu Reeves and Donnie Yen Set the Standard

Reeves may not be a martial artist in the traditional sense, but he takes his job very seriously, and Dunlevy explained that he sets the standard for the whole franchise:

“Keanu sets the standard … There’s the hierarchy on the call sheet, and he’s number one. Keanu’s always set a very high standard. He’s turning up for training, he’s one of the first ones there in the morning. He’s training all day in different disciplines. He’ll go from working with the fight team in the morning straight to driving or to working with the dogs, things like that. His work ethic is amazing, which set a massive standard.”

The “John Wick” movies simply couldn’t work without Reeves, who brings an incredible mysterious charisma to the character and dedicates himself to the role as much as possible. Considering that Reeves seems pretty laid-back and peaceful in real life, his intensity and willingness to go all the way for the character is genuinely inspiring. It’s not a big surprise that the rest of the cast and crew ended up following in Reeves’ footsteps and became fully committed to the project, and that meant bringing together a number of different kinds of talents to create a beautiful blend. 

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