One Of The Scariest Scenes In Barbarian Drags You Into The Dark

Again: here is where our expectations get pulled out from under us. Keith eventually returns, and while Tess tells him she’s freaked out about the secret basement rooms — especially since there’s a section with a dirty bed and an old video camera — Keith is nonplussed. He shrugs it all off as explainable and disappears into the darkness of the tunnel. Is Keith playing some sort of twisted game? Something is clearly up because he goes silent once he disappears into the basement tunnel, refusing to answer Tess’ call — until he starts screaming.

Is it a trap? Is Keith really in trouble? Tess, the good person that she is, decides to venture into that darkness to find Keith. And she does, only to discover him terrified. Everything here is pitched to high levels of intensity, and it only gets worse when what appears to be some sort of creature comes out of the darkness and smashes Keith’s head into the wall over and over again until it’s nothing but a bloody mess. And then the scene cuts to black.

And there we have it! Keith was a harmless nice guy after all! And now he’s got no face. 

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