One Of The Scariest Scenes In The Evil Dead Is A Nasty Finale

Ash is outnumbered by the Deadite versions of Scott and Cheryl, who grab, restrain, and beat him with metal pokers. His only hope is to throw the Naturom Demonto into a blazing fire, which freezes the Deadites in their tracks. Cheryl stops whacking Ash with her weapon, and Scott lies motionless. What happens next certainly helped “The Evil Dead” earn its video nasty designation.

Cheryl and Scott begin to decompose around Ash. Cheryl’s hair falls out in clumps while Scott’s face starts melting away like it’s turning into soup. Other bodies start rotting at hyper speed, as lips disappear to reveal shifting teeth and bleeding gums or appendages start falling off. The Naturom Demonto starts suggestively waving its tongue while on fire, and Deadites mimic the same motion.

Bodies litter the wooden cabin floor lookin’ like skeletons wrapped in raw meat, and then an oatmeal-consistency puss starts oozing from wounds. Ash keeps looking around at the stomach-churning display, soaking it all in (yuck), and then, out of nowhere, demonic arms burst from Deadite corpses with even more gore splashed onto Ash. The chunky puss pours onto the floor, cranberry-saucy blood all over Ash, as the Deadites burst blood like geysers from necks or legs. We’re stuck in this surreal splatterfest with Ash as bugs crawl over moldy gruel where bones and tissue used to be, in a repulsive display of Deadite deconstruction that is impossible to forget.

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