Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Adds Strapping Newcomer Meryl Streep To The Cast

Selena Gomez confirmed Meryl Streep’s casting in “Only Murders in the Building” season 3 via a TikTok video uploaded to the show’s Twitter account. Steve Martin, Martin Short, Paul Rudd, and Andrea Martin — who plays Joy, Charles’ (Martin) longtime makeup artist turned (maybe) girlfriend — all show up before Streep pops up into the frame, pretending to be the cast’s new assistant. Oh Meryl, you multi-Oscar-winning scamp!

“Only Murders in the Building” season 2, for those who could use a refresher, ended with a time-jump, skipping ahead a year from the episode’s climax (and the reveal of Bunny’s killer with it) to opening night for Oliver’s (Short) latest Broadway play, starring Charles and Ben Glenroy (Rudd). It quickly became apparent the latter pair aren’t on good terms, with Charles insinuating he knows all about Ben’s illicit deeds. But, of course, this is “Only Murders in the Building,” and before we knew it, the show had pulled the rug out from under us yet again, revealing that Ben is not a potential murder suspect but actually a murder victim himself — one whose sudden death onstage will kick off the storyline for season 3.

And yes, technically that means Charles, Oliver, and Mabel (Gomez) are going to have to investigate a murder outside the Arconia, but come on, how many more murders could that place house before it gets shut down for safety violations? Probably a lot, given the scandalous history of the real-life building that inspired it … but we’re getting off-track. Point is, Meryl Streep is joining the “Murders” gang and we couldn’t be more excited to see who she’s playing (not to mention, the undoubtedly fabulous coats she’ll be wearing).

“Only Murders in the Building” season 3 will premiere on Hulu in 2023.

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