Oppenheimer Reminded Christopher Nolan That Robert Downey Jr. Is More Than Just A ‘Movie Star’

“Watching him lose himself in that performance, and completely lose himself in a character in this way, was just an incredible reminder of just what an amazing actor he is,” Nolan continued. It’s high praise from a director who’s worked with so many other renowned actors throughout his career. It’s even more notable when you remember how much Nolan likes reusing his favorite actors in subsequent films.

“Oppenheimer” also stars Cillian Murphy, an actor who’s starred in Nolan’s films like “Batman Begins,” “Inception,” “The Dark Knight,” “The Dark Knight Rises,” and “Dunkirk.” Even if it weren’t for the many interviews from Nolan confirming it, it’s clear the director’s taken a liking to Murphy, because half of those roles weren’t even central to the plot. Nolan’s also famous for liking Michael Caine, to the point where he’s cast him in every single one of his films since “Batman Begins.” 

It’s the sort of thing that makes you wonder: this is the first time Robert Downey Jr.’s gotten to be in a Nolan film, but will it be his last? Will he get the same treatment as Christian Bale or Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, or Anne Hathaway? We have no idea what Nolan’s plans are for his next movie after “Oppenheimer,” but maybe Robert Downey Jr. will get to star in it too.

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