Patrick Stewart Is On ‘Standby’ To Appear Alongside Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman In Deadpool 3

If you’re worried about Xavier’s reappearance undermining his death in “Logan,” have no fear: this movie takes place significantly before the events of that film, which is part of why Hugh Jackman agreed to the project in the first place. If any part of “Deadpool 3” undid the events of James Mangold’s masterpiece “Logan,” neither Jackman nor Stewart would likely be interested. “I did tell him it takes place before our movie,” Jackman said, explaining how he’d gotten Mangold’s blessing ahead of time, “so I wasn’t going to screw it up with my claws coming out of the grave. He was relieved by that.”

There’s also no need to think this will undermine Xavier’s appearance in “Multiverse of Madness,” as that was a version of him from a different universe than the X-Men films we’ve known and loved. It also wouldn’t undermine the character’s deaths in “The Last Stand” or “Days of Future Past,” because both of those deaths have already been undone by the movies themselves. 

While we hope “Deadpool 3” is a satisfying movie that stands on its own, it may also serve as our first clear indicator of how the MCU will integrate mutants into its universe. (Well, technically “Multiverse of Madness” was the first indicator, but if anything that film just made things more confusing.) Will the MCU start completely fresh or will they try to bring back legacy X-Men characters for the long-term? Hopefully the upcoming Deadpool/Wolverine buddy-comedy film will let us know. 

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