Paul Mescal Replaces Blake Jenner In Richard Linklater’s 20-Year Adaptation Of Merrily We Roll Along

The project seems to be tailor-made for Richard Linklater as it tells the story of three friends whose friendship dissolves over 20 years. The catch is this story is told in reverse, so it starts with the older versions of these friends at each other’s throats and ends with them happy and optimistic about a future they don’t know is already doomed.

Instead of recasting the older actors or employing Marvel/”Star Wars” style de-aging, Linklater is taking his “Boyhood” route and actually filming this thing in chunks over the next 20 years so that the actors will age with the story. 

Mescal has apparently already filmed his first segment, which is likely a reshoot of what Jenner had already filmed. Given the reverse storytelling going on, this is the first part of the story, but the last thing we’ll see in the film.

It’s an ambitious plan with a talented cast. Hopefully, this is the only hurdle Linklater and crew have to jump as they film over the next two decades. With that long of a production schedule, a whole lot can change with the actors and creatives behind the camera, but we know Linklater’s track record is about as solid as it can be with these long-form shoots.

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