Pedro Pascal And Bella Ramsey Formed An Immediate ‘Bond’ Behind The Scenes Of The Last Of Us

In an interview with Rotten Tomatoes TV, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey talked about their first meeting. Although it lasted only a few moments, Ramsey would express how there was an unspoken bond between the two as they were about to become key parts of a large production, that also happens to be one of the most anticipated video game adaptations in recent memory:

“We met for the first time just as I was getting my hair cut, and you’d just come off set. It was a very brief meeting. We didn’t have time to get to know each other and – but yeah, the chemistry, it was just immediately this bond, unspoken connection of we’re both embarking on this huge journey together as Joel and Ellie, but as two people as well.”

As it turns out, the circumstances during the show’s production would be similar to Joel and Ellie’s story. Ramsey’s description of what it was like to be working with Pascal for such a long period suddenly would parallel Joel and Ellie’s year-long trip across the country:

“Suddenly, we’re spending a year together in Alberta, Canada, not knowing what the hell we’re doing, and we’re just having to ‘trust the process,’ but you know what I mean? It really was that.”

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