Peter Jackson Praises ‘Talk to Me’ as the Best Horror Movie in Years

Add Peter Jackson to the list of high profile directors who adore “Talk to Me,” the new A24 horror movie from sibling filmmakers Danny and Michael Philippou that’s become a word-of-mouth box office sensation this summer. The “Lord of the Rings” Oscar winner issued a statement through Ahi, one of the film’s distributors across Aotearoa and Australia, in which he singled out “Talk to Me” as one of the best horror efforts in recent years.

“It’s relentlessly scary and disturbing – in the best possible way,” Jackson said (via Total Film). “‘Talk To Me’ isn’t just good – it’s very very good. The best, most intense horror movie I’ve enjoyed in years.”

Other filmmakers such as Jordan Peele and Ari Aster have also contacted Danny and Michael Philippou with raves for their new film, which got picked up by A24 after it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January. The film stars Sophie Wilde as a grief-stricken teenager who befriends a group of seance addicts at her high school. They use an embalmed hand to communicate to the dead, but things go awry when Sophie’s late mother reaches out from the beyond and she tests the safety limits of the seances.

“Jordan Peele FaceTimed me and was talking about the film,” Danny said on the “Evolution of Horror” earlier this month. “Ari [Aster] said the movie was special.”

“And now we’re friends with Ari Aster,” Michael added about the “Hereditary” and “Midsommar” director loving the film. “He sent me a message and a friend saw it and said that he was at the premiere. He was like, ‘Ari Aster was at your premiere!’ And I was like, ‘This guy?’ And I sent a screenshot of Ari Aster, but I sent it to Ari Aster. It was so awkward. You know when your heart sinks? It was a heart sink moment.”

“Talk to Me” has earned $31 million in the U.S. and counting and is bound to end its box office run as one of the top five highest-grossing A24 films domestically. The studio recently announced a sequel is on the way with the Philippou siblings returning to direct.

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