Picard Could Be More Than Just An Easter Egg

In the interview, Terry Matalas was requested if the Kirk’s physique Easter egg was a touch about something that might probably occur sooner or later, together with Paul Wesley reprising the function of Kirk — as a clone maybe? — within the twenty fifth century, possibly on “Star Trek: Legacy.” (Just to be completely clear: “Legacy,” a proposed “Picard” spinoff collection following Jeri Ryan’s Captain Seven of Nine, hasn’t been confirmed but, however Matalas hopes to make it a actuality.) 

Matalas defined:

“In ‘Star Trek,’ anything is possible, right? Look, we put that in there as an Easter egg. I always thought that it was a s****y grave on Veridian III. It was a pile of rocks, I don’t care what fans think. It became a controversial idea. Starfleet showed up an hour and a half later. There was no way they were going to leave Kirk’s body that had just come through the nexus under a pile of coal on the planet. So it was less an insidious plan, and it was mostly a nod to Shatner and Judy and Gar’s [Reeves-Stevens] novel ‘The Return’ in that way, and to give some opportunity to keep that character alive in some way, whether that would be Shatner or some new actor, or crazy gender swap clone, some fun thing. It’s science-fiction, and your imagination is endless. That was the idea behind that.”

It turns on the market already was a gender-swapped Kirk within the “Star Trek” comics, in one of many Kelvin-verse tales. That appears like a whole lot of enjoyable, however it could possibly be thrilling to see Wesley’s younger Kirk seem and hyperlink the franchise collectively in a model new manner, too.

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