Picard Filmed The Seven Of Nine Captain Catchphrase Fans Didn’t See

“Picard” comprises a enjoyable post-credits tease involving Jack and Q (John De Lancie), the trickster god who as soon as gave Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) such hassle. The scene wasn’t only a wink for followers, however was absolutely meant to tease out a (nonetheless not-in-production) spinoff sequence that Matalas wish to name “Star Trek: Legacy.” That was finally the ultimate scene within the sequence, however, it appears, Matalas has orchestrated another. He described it thus: 

“We had a few options, and we actually shot a post-post-credit to them reacting disappointed to it, and she’s like, ‘This is a work in progress.’ But it’s better left as a mystery that we hope to see it one day. Yeah. We’ll see. It was pretty great though.”

A smart lower, one may say. Leaving “Star Trek: Picard” on a shot of upset ensigns is probably not the epic send-out the sequence may want. 

Yes, it appears that evidently the tease of not listening to Captain Seven’s “Engage” was an act of deliberate withholding. Matalas was clearly hoping that annoyed followers, wanting to listen to the catchphrase, would write letters to Paramount, imploring that “Star Trek: Legacy” be given the inexperienced gentle, and that Seven be allowed to say “Let’s kick this pig,” or no matter it is perhaps. That Matalas claims he is aware of what the phrase is, properly, that solely sweetens the pot. Hey, Trekkies, hold writing letters. 

Now for the enjoyable hypothesis: Captain Seven of Nine discovered her command abilities principally from Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) on “Star Trek: Voyager,” so one may assume she would imitate her. Janeway merely mentioned “Engage,” nevertheless, and Seven would want one thing extra in her personal private character. Given that she is a former Borg, may I counsel “Comply”?

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