Picard Gag Reel Lets The Next Gen Crew Make All Kinds Of Dirty Jokes

Now we know that every time the cast of “The Next Generation” sat down for one of their classic card games, it was all an act … because, judging by this gag reel of “Star Trek: Picard” season 3, absolutely none of these actors have much in the way of a poker face. From Worf actor Michael Dorn’s ill-timed moment where he boasts about his talent to “s**t phasers” to Gates McFadden dropping the bombshell that Beverly Crusher “slept with Riker” to Brent Spiner finally admitting just how much Data hates everybody, it’s tough to pick a favorite moment from this collection of gags, missed line readings, and general silliness in between takes. One thing’s absolutely for certain, however: Nobody had more fun in the entire galaxy than the cast and crew on set of “Picard.”

According to Blu-ray.com, the home media release includes over two and a half hours of special features, including one about “The Making of the Last Generation,” “Rebuilding the Enterprise-D,” and the “Villainous Vadic,” played by actor Amanda Plummer. There will also be audio commentary for select episodes, a special Q&A about the final season, and much more. Or, of course, you could just keep re-watching the gag reel over and over again while imagining what a hard day’s work of shooting must have been like for members of this beloved cast of talent. For all the highs and lows of the overall show, footage like this makes it all feel worthwhile.

You can revisit every episode of “Star Trek: Picard” streaming on Paramount+.

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