Picard Made Patrick Stewart ‘Uncomfortable’ In Certain Moments

When speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Stewart stated that the character of Picard was the “biggest thing to ever happen to him,” however that did not imply that he did not sometimes develop tired of the function:

“[…]I have to admit that when we got into Season 5, 6 and 7 [of “The Next Generation”], there were days I wished I could be doing something different — when you do 178 episodes there’s bound to be repetition. And there were some things about ‘Picard’ I was uncomfortable with, when I thought it was nudging its way toward being a reunion show. But there were not many. And the way the show has been directed, and lit, and staged, it’s so impressive. So many times I feel I’m watching a movie and not a TV series.”

178 episodes is lots of time to spend pretending to be anybody, and a few of the episodes of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” had comparable plots or premises that would really feel repetitive to an actor. When it involves the second a part of Stewart’s assertion, it isn’t exhausting to see which scenes may need made him uncomfortable in “Picard.” He’s proper about its cinematic high quality (it is actually the “Next Generation” film we deserved however by no means acquired), and likewise its tendency in the direction of blatant fanservice. 

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