Picard Season 3 Is Giving Seven Of Nine A Fascinating New Trajectory

The second season of “Picard” saw Seven traveling back in time to prevent a causality cataclysm, forcing her and Raffi to explore Los Angeles in the year 2024. They were often too focused on their mission to contemplate the state of their relationship, but at least they got some time together. Also, they could bond over their mutual capacity for killing. “Picard” is a very violent show. 

In a strange moral twist, the characters of “Picard” briefly occupied parallel universe versions of themselves in a dimension where they were all horrible villains. Picard (Patrick Stewart) was, in this parallel universe, a murderous general who kept his victims’ skulls as souvenirs, and Seven of Nine found that she ruled Earth as its fascist empress. The implication here is strange. It seems that Seven was weirdly fated to become a killer in any universe. She assimilated many as a Borg, but she was robbed of her free will. Her movement toward humanity was, perhaps, a form of atonement. Her work as a bounty hunter felt like a moral fall again. She has returned to taking lives. Had she never been assimilated, however, Seven would have become a fascist regardless. Her path has, it seems, always been muddy. 

In the third season of “Picard,” however, Seven appears to be back on the straight-and-narrow. She is introduced already serving as the first officer aboard the U.S.S. Titan under Capt. Shaw (Todd Stashwick). She will mention that her friendship with Picard, and a recommendation from Janeway, led her to pursue a career in Starfleet. In serving on board a starship again, Seven has chosen to devote her life to the “Star Trek” ideals of diplomacy, peace, science, and exploration. 

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