Picard Star Michael Dorn Thinks First Contact Is The Best Star Trek Movie

As a dyed-in-the-wool nerd, it should come as little surprise that Michael Dorn knows his “Trek” history. As he regaled to SFX Magazine, “I’m a big fan of the original [series], like, a huge fan. I know every episode, I know all the characters and all the actors. I’m one of those people that would be in a production trying to tell people who each character is.” So when someone of his stature singles out a particular movie as the best of the bunch, it’s worth paying attention to.

His appreciation for “First Contact” doesn’t end there, however. The actor goes a step further and draws parallels between what made the Jonathan Frakes-directed film so effective and the success of “Star Trek: Picard.” Particularly, it had to do with the fact that the series devotes plenty of time to each and every character in the story. According to Dorn:

“I think that [‘Picard’] is the same thing, that everybody’s story is well-written. It couldn’t have been easy writing for this many people, but I think they did a very nice job.”

The final season of “Picard” is still in its early going, but fans have been champing at the bit to see the now-aged Klingon warrior back in action and reunited with his friends. At the very least, Dorn’s comments ought to indicate that this “The Next Generation” nostalgia tour won’t simply be a series of cameos. The original crew deserves one last adventure worthy of their status in the franchise, and it seems like that’s exactly what they get.

“Star Trek: Picard” airs new episodes every Thursday on Paramount+.

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