Plans Are In Place For Psych 4 If Peacock Gives The Green Light

So far, all three “Psych” movies have received pretty strong praise from critics and fans alike. Given the positive reception and Peacock’s pivot away from offering a free tier, it sure sounds like the perfect time for another chapter in an intellectual property they already own, which boasts a built-in fanbase that could help bolster subscription numbers. 

If a fourth movie does get the green light from the streaming service, what might it look like? Given the fact that “Psych” has never shied away from homages and overall silliness, it probably won’t surprise you what Steve Franks has in mind. As he told TVLine:

“Now that we’ve done three of them, we’ve probably earned a chance to do a bit of a departure, just like we used to do on the series. Once or twice a season we would take a swing that was kind of ‘out there,’ and it would either land or not land. […] But I do think if you line up all these movies together at the end of the day, however many we end up doing, there should probably be one that stands alone on an island as our ‘Halloween III,’ where you’re like, ‘That one was weird.’ I feel like we’re getting close to doing that one.”

If there’s one thing that “Psych” mastered during its eight season run, it was being weird. And if Peacock decides to let Franks get the band back together for another wild mystery for Shawn and Gus to solve, we’re all for it. Even if it means finally having to bite the bullet and pay for Peacock.

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