Prime Video Debuts “A Million Miles Away” Trailer (Film News in Brief)

Prime Video has debuted the trailer for their upcoming drama “A Million Miles Away.” Based on a true story, Michael Peña stars as José Hernández, the first migrant farm worker to become an astronaut and go to space. The film will be released on Sept. 15 in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

The trailer depicts Hernandez’s unrelenting determination to actualize his lifelong dream of going to space. “A Million Miles Away” tracks his journey from a rural village in Michoacán, Mexico to the San Joaquin Valley to the International Space Station. Despite being rejected year after year from the ultra-competitive space program, he gears up and applies again and again. While doing everything he can to achieve this goal, he must also navigate challenges in his interpersonal relationships.

“Who better to leave this planet and dive into the unknown than a migrant farm worker?” Hernández asks at the end of the trailer.

Rosa Salazar, Sarayu Blue, Veronica Falcon, Julio Cesar Cadillo and Garret Dillahunt also star. Alejandra Márquez Abella penned the screenplay and directed the film.

Watch the trailer below.

ColorCreative Announces Inaugural Cohort for Find Your People Program

ColorCreative, the Black-owned and female-led management and production company formed in 2014 by Issa Rae and Deniese Davis, has selected the inaugural cohort of emerging creators for the Find Your People Program (FYPP).

The program was announced in February, developed as an extension of the March 2020 Find Your People Party, a networking event for historically underrepresented creators. Twenty-eight finalists were selected out of a pool of 1,500 applicants to participate in the Find Your People Program, which provides provides training, resources, mentorship, and guidance for creatives in the following disciplines: writer, director, producer, cinematographer, editor, production designer, and costume designer. 

The 2023 cohort includes:

Writers:  Brian Cohen, Cassandra Hunter, Nzinga Kadalie Kemp, Yolanda Morgan
Costume Designers: Jalissa Jackson, Kaij, Raquel “Rocky” Avalos, Salina Hernandez
Directors: Aisha Amin, Ifeanyi Ezieme, Jeremie Cander, Yeajoon (Joon) Cho
Producers: Chidi Amadiume, Fabiola Rodriguez, Maia Miller, Viviana Yupanqui
Cinematographers: Anna Mendes, B.P. Edwards, Matt Kleppner, Rayana Rasamee
Production Designers: Chidinma Dureke, Jolien Louis, Kathryne Garrido, Vango Jones
Editors: Danny Muñoz, Funmi Ogunro, Mayah Gilmer, Sydney Taylor

As the program continues, one creative from each discipline will come together to form four production teams. Each team will then produce a script and a short film pitch, and with guidance from industry leaders, go before a greenlight committee for the chance to receive funding for their short film. The cohort will premiere its selection of short film projects in 2024.

“This first-of-its-kind program is designed to teach, inspire and connect emerging creators to find their tribe and work together on a short film that allows each of their contributions to shine,” stated ColorCreative president Talitha Watkins. ”FYPP is needed more than ever, and we’re grateful to the partners and mentors who have already joined in to help our industry’s rising creatives.”

In addition to announcing the cohort, ColorCreative has also brought on brand partners to support the FYPP program, including Michael Jordan and the Jordan Brand (who’ve donated the program as a grantee of their Black Community Commitment, a 10-year $100 million initiative focused on empowering the Black community), as well as American Express, Canva, The Pop Culture Collaborative, UTA and Raedio, the audio-everywhere company and fellow Hoorae Media partner.

To learn more about ColorCreative and the Find Your People Program, visit:

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