Prodigy And Grease Prequel As Hollywood’s Worst Trend Continues

This all comes as major streaming services are fighting to become profitable. Netflix may have ushered in the streaming revolution, but it’s incredibly expensive to amass a library of titles to lure in subscribers, and it takes years to reach profitability. Even Disney+, which is third only to Netflix and Prime Video in terms of subscribers, has yet to break even and is still losing quite a bit of money. That’s why shows that aren’t performing particularly well are being removed from these services.

While royalties are not nearly has high in the streaming world compared to traditional TV (which is a large part of why the Writers Guild of America is currently on strike), those royalties still add up. By removing the shows from the service, Paramount can save some money and inch closer to profitability. In an additional statement, a spokesperson for Paramount+ thanked the teams behind the shows that will soon be without a home:

“The Paramount+ series ‘Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies,’ ‘Star Trek: Prodigy,’ ‘Queen of the Universe,’ and ‘The Game’ have completed their runs on Paramount+ and will not be returning to the service. We want to extend our thanks to our tremendously talented cast and crew and our producing partners for their passionate work and dedication on these programs, and we wish them all the best on their future endeavors.”

As for “Star Trek: Prodigy,” post-production will reportedly be completed on the animated show’s second season, with the studio seeking a new buyer for the show. There is no word yet on whether or not “Rise of the Pink Ladies,” “Queen of the Universe,” or “The Game” will find homes elsewhere. If not, fans of the show will, unfortunately, soon have a tough time watching them.

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