Quantumania Director Peyton Reed Talks About Bringing MODOK To Live-Action

During a press conference earlier today attended by /Film’s Jeremy Mathai, the cast and crew of the upcoming “Ant-Man” sequel gathered to promote the film that kicks off Marvel Studios’ Phase Five. As the panelists discussed the various elements of the movie they’re excited to share with the audience, like Kang the Conqueror and quantum physics, Reed discussed his connection to MODOK and how he’s been a long-time fan of the character.

“For me, it was it was a personal thrill. I was a kid who spent a lot of my childhood alone in a room reading Marvel comics and MODOK was always this insane character. He’s grotesque. He’s a giant head that has been turned into a Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing. That was intriguing. So we started talking about if there a place in the MCU or in the Ant-Man movies for a live-action version of MODOK. What would that look like and how do we go about it?”

In terms of what it would look like, eagle-eyed viewers caught his first appearance in the recent trailers for Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne’s latest adventure. Bearing a strong resemblance to his comic book counterpart, MODOK looks great. Although, questions like “how?” and “why?” are still unanswered at this point.

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