Quantumania Star Jonathan Majors Looked To Shakespeare To Play Kang The Conquerer

As Majors sees it, his job as an actor across various MCU projects is to adapt. He added, “You really have to be very clear about what it is you’re doing and who your character is — the spine of the character, what he’s about, what she’s about, what they’re going after. So you build that and the rest of it… you just play hard.”

Kang as a character remains shrouded in typical Marvel mystery, but the trailers do drop a few hints about what he’s after. Trapped in the Quantum Realm, Kang is looking for a way out — one that likely involves Ant-Man, his gang, and Pym Particles. But what would escaping the Quantum Realm mean? What would he do next? Based on his role as the villain of this story, the answer is nothing good.

Unlike his “Loki” variant, Kang does not suffer fools. While Ant-Man is prone to cracking jokes, Kang gets things done, no matter the cost. That might sound antithetical to what Majors said about the lead actor setting the tone, but it perfectly suits his role as the antagonist:

“As an antagonist, we’re following our heroes. In this case, I have a few to look at and breakdown, which is a fun part. I look at them and I figure out, ‘Okay, you can’t antagonize somebody if you don’t know who they are, if you don’t know what’s the opposite of them, if you don’t know what their hopes and dreams are.’ My objective is to do that — antagonize in order to get what I need, in order to fulfill my life, my dream.'”

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