Quentin Tarantino Couldn’t Fit David Carradine And Michael Jai White’s Fight Into Kill Bill Vol. 2

Speaking to ComingSoon in 2004, David Carradine said the “Kill Bill: Vol. 2” fight between him and Michael Jai White’s character “was supposed to happen in a poker game” originally, but “then Quentin [Tarantino] wrote another scene that he thought superseded that and he didn’t think that he could have both scenes.”

“He basically cut it out of the picture before we shot it,” Carradine added, “but he loved the fight that he’d been working on for a couple of months and he really wanted Michael Jai White in the picture. So he invited him to Beijing just to do the fight and Michael said yes he would, so he wrote a new scene.”

This new scene was the street fight viewers would see later in the “Kill Bill: Vol. 2” DVD release. When asked where it would have fit in the overall storyline, Carradine said, “Well, that is the problem; nobody could quite figure that out. I could see one place where he could put it in but it would maybe slow the flow, and in its original concept it didn’t belong in there.”

“Kill Bill: Vol. 1” withholds the sight of Bill as Beatrix Kiddo — then known only as The Bride — crosses other names off her death list. We hear Bill’s voice, but it’s not until “Vol. 2” that we see Beatrix come face-to-face with him in black-and-white at her wedding chapel. Carradine explained: “That scene in the chapel is the scene that is not in the original script, that’s the scene that replaced the poker scene. We wanted to have this introduction of Bill. It’s the introduction, that’s what those scenes were made for, and you can’t introduce him twice. I think that’s why Michael’s scene went out.”

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