R-Rated Deadpool Scenes That Were Too Disturbing For The Big Screen

In the same interview, actor Ed Skrein, who plays the film’s villain, Ajax, admitted that the martial arts in his final fight with Deadpool went a little over the top. The actor thought the raison d’être of a “Deadpool” movie was to be violent, but the filmmakers elected to scale it back a little bit. Skrein said: 

“I do the suplex and stuff, I come in and start breaking him down and they took out quite a lot of beats because it was just horrific. Literally, I’m breaking wrists, shoulders, jaws, and it was pretty hardcore. It did make me laugh that they chose not to put that in because they thought it was too far. And I thought ‘How can you go too far in a movie like ‘Deadpool?'”

An article in IGN also revealed a montage of self-slaughter in “Deadpool 2” that was likely cut for reasons of good taste. When Deadpool experiences a personal tragedy, he attempts to take his own life several times, only to be resurrected each time. The suicide montage was left out. 

But not all the deleted scenes were dark. Indeed, one of the deleted scenes from “Deadpool 2” would have made the film less brutal. At the film’s end, Deadpool gets his hands on a time machine and travels to 1889 Austria where baby Adolf Hitler has just been born. Deadpool stands over baby Adolf’s cradle, working up the courage to kill him. The film’s final shot implies that our hero smothers Hitler to death.

In an alternate cut, Deadpool hoists baby Hitler out of the cradle … and posits that maybe Adolf Hitler could be cared for and treated well and taught tolerance. It’s a much more compassionate ending than the one we got. 

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