R-Rated MCU Scenes We Never Got To See In The Original Cut

For the most part, the romantic and sexual life of Loki (Tom Hiddleston) remains offscreen. The audience only sees Loki develop a love interest with Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) in his self-titled series, “Loki.” However, the god of mischief tells Sylvie he’s pursued other relationships in the past, to which the audience is never privy. During the development stages of “Loki,” writers planned to show much more of this side of the character.

In a photograph, head writer Michael Waldron poses in front of a whiteboard filled with the team’s ideas for the show’s first season. One of the plot points mapped on the board reveals the writers’ plans for Loki to be “doing crazy mischief aka sex” and later, “more sex.” Whoa! That would’ve come out of left field in the completed show. (New Rockstars on YouTube noticed the detail in a paused moment from the “Loki” episode of the “Marvel Studios: Assembled” docuseries.)

Granted, in the writing stage of a project, anything is possible. The extent to which the writing team considered these ideas is unknown. Did they develop the concepts of Loki’s sexual exploits as full story beats and remove them much later, or did they only jot the ideas down as quick notes on a whiteboard and nothing more?

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