Return Of The Jedi’s Crew Shared Anakin’s Attitude Towards The Film’s Fake Sand

Marquand recollects the development of a sandstorm he wished to movie for the film. The director wished an elaborate display screen check performed earlier than he turned on the huge followers and began whipping up sand for actual. It appears that real-life sand, nevertheless, wasn’t enough on digital camera, and the filmmakers got here up with an odd, perhaps-poisonous combination instead. Marquad recalled: 

“We tested everything. We tested the look, the color, the quality of the sand, what we needed to make it look like sand, the fans, what the problems were in terms of everything. The sand is a mixture composed of small balls of styrofoam and a blending of talcum powder. The talcum powder is terrible. I hope to God it’s not carcinogenic, because it certainly gets everywhere. The powder is used to give some thickness in the background. We didn’t use sand. I mean, hey, why would you use sand in a sandstorm? This is the movies!”

(Talc isn’t toxic, nevertheless it’s definitely not a good suggestion to inhale it.) 

While the sandstorm appeared high quality with its styrofoam/talcum powder combination, Marquand was nonetheless involved that placing his actors in the midst of it would do them bodily hurt. The director wished to outfit his actors in protecting clothes and to protect their eyes. Thinking shortly — and creatively — Marquand thought of that the “Return of the Jedi” characters might need entry to abandon survival gear. After that, all it took was a resourceful costume designer. 

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