Return Of The Jedi’s Victory Celebration Is The Best Change Lucas Made To The Original Trilogy

The new ending cuts away from Luke cremating Vader (simply because the Ewoks kick off their festivities) to pictures of residents celebrating on Bespin, Tatooine, and Coruscant (with the 2004 DVD launch additionally including Naboo to the combo). “Yub Nub” was changed with a John Williams melody, “Victory Celebration,” which is the icing on the cake for this ending.

The unique celebration was completely advantageous as a fairy story ending to the fantasy story George Lucas was telling. We noticed the principle Rebel forces and the Ewoks celebrating, with the tribal sounds of “Yub Nub” and the low-key celebration becoming the concept of the primitive Ewoks defeating the futuristic Empire. But the brand new model is a lot extra. For starters, Williams’ rating is rousing, victorious, the end result of an epic battle, with the montage serving as a coda to the Rebellion. The quick pictures of individuals celebrating are the one instances within the unique trilogy that we see how most of the people reacts to the Rebellion and get to look at them cheer the Rebels on.

At the time, it made sense we did not see extra of this. There’s merely not sufficient room (or funds) within the unique trilogy to drag the main target away from the principle storylines to indicate what random “Star Wars” residents are doing elsewhere. The end result made the warfare towards the Empire look comparatively easy, nearly straightforward.

Over the previous decade, nonetheless, Lucasfilm has turned its consideration to the years earlier than the destruction of the unique Death Star and the primary main victory of the Rebellion. Movies like “Rogue One,” exhibits like “Rebels” and “Andor,” video video games like “Fallen Order” and “Jedi Survivor,” and even the whole lot of the prequel trilogy have proven that the trail to victory was no fairy story.

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