Rings Of Power’s Ismael Cruz Córdova Wants To Be The MCU’s White Tiger

“I think that’s just another character that’s just fantastic,” Ismael Cruz Córdova advised Variety. And he is not the one one which thinks so: within the comics, White Tiger / Hector Ayala is a reasonably important character. He was Marvel’s first Hispanic superhero, and although a number of characters have taken on the mantle of the Tiger, Ayala was the unique.

Much like his relationship with Arondir, Córdova feels a specific kinship to White Tiger. Not solely do they each hail from Puerto Rico, however they too would possibly share a superhuman resilience:

“I love characters that are improbable heroes, that are people that have got the worst deck dealt. That is my story. And I find that is many of our stories. Life is not just this little journey of redemption. How many of us were bullied? How many of us were poor? How many of us cast away? How many of our identities were something that you couldn’t be?”

Even earlier than changing into the White Tiger, Ayala had tough beginnings — and gaining superpowers definitely did not make his life any simpler. Similar to different street-level heroes like Spider-Man and Daredevil, the Tiger was usually regarded extra as a risk than a power for good. Ayala’s tenure because the Tiger ultimately led to tragedy, at the least within the comics, so if Córdova does find yourself dawning the white cowl within the MCU, hopefully, he can safe a happier ending for the character.

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