Rise Of The Beasts’ Mid-Credits Scene Was A Strategic Play To Give Fans More Reek

There was a point during production when Caple felt that Reek was so funny that he should accompany Noah on the central, robot-related action in the movie. Ultimately, Noah was teamed up with an archaeologist named Elena (Dominique Fishback), and Caple felt she was the better “adventure” character, but Reek was nearly the human co-star. Ultimately, the film was too busy to accommodate such an idea. Caple said: 

“Tobe’s character, Reek, just stood out, and I knew it on set. There was definitely a time where I wanted him to go on the journey to Peru and everything, but I didn’t want to step on what we were cooking up with Elena, because it’s so cool. So we cleared the space, but yeah, people loved Tobe’s role as Reek.”

During the heist, it is revealed that Noah is not stealing just any old car, but a Transformer in disguise. The car is actually Mirage, the “kid” of the local Transformer tribe. A great deal of “Beasts” is about the friendship between Noah and the alien robot. Sadly, Mirage perishes in the film’s final battle. Before he dies, however, the robot transforms himself into was is essentially an Transformers Iron Man suit for Noah, giving him the power to fight a vicious robot named Scourge (Peter Dinklage). 

In the original draft of the film, Mirage was going to stay dead, nobly sacrificing himself for the cause. As mentioned above, Noah is a clever enough mechanic to fix him. 

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