RRR Choreographer Came Up With Over 100 Variations Of The Naatu Naatu Dance

S.S. Rajamouli shared that the “Naatu Naatu” scene was filmed in front of the Ukrainian Presidential Palace and that if audiences look closely, the parliament building can be seen in the distance. The attention to detail throughout the scene is even more impressive than we previously realized, with Rajamouli intentionally casting professional musicians to play the band at the party, even though they weren’t actually playing any music. Why? Because real musicians will hold their instruments correctly.

Rajamouli praised choreographer Prem Rakshith, who has collaborated with the director before, as well as the film’s leads, N.T. Rama Rao Jr. and Ram Charan. “He gave one of the most memorable numbers for both of them,” he said. “He knows their style, exactly what their body language is, he exactly knows what their fans expect out of them.” Rakshith was also responsible for the decision to include suspender choreography, which became one of the fan-favorite segments of the dance.

The instructions for Rakshith were difficult because Rajamouli knew the steps “should be nice, it shouldn’t be too difficult, it should suit the style of both actors, and it should be fantastic.” As Rakshith is one of the world’s most prolific choreographers, he handled the challenge with ease. “He has come up with, you wouldn’t believe it, more than a hundred variations for this 3/4 signature, [sings] ‘Naatu Naatu Naatu Naatu Naatu Naatu.'” That’s right, there were over 100 different ways the choreography for the chorus of “Naatu Naatu” could have played out.

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