RRR Star NTR Jr. Would Like It If Marvel Would Give Him A Call

With his role as legendary revolutionary Komaram Bheem in the beloved Telugu-language film, N.T. Rama Rao Jr. proved that he could handle playing a superhero. Not only is he strong after gaining 15 pounds of muscle and “eating seven goddamn meals a day” for the role, but he showed great charisma and emotional range as well. With talent like that, it would be ridiculous for any production to pass on his talents if they had the opportunity to cast him. But of course, it all comes down to the right role.

Initially, I thought that Beast or Beta Ray Bill might be great fits for NTR Jr. in the MCU, but it would be a shame to hide his handsome face and physical performance under makeup or CGI. Popular X-Men characters Wolverine and Sabretooth could be right up his alley as well since they would both require intensity and a good amount of fight choreography.┬áIt could also be fun if “Everything Everywhere All At Once” filmmakers Daniels ever get around to making that Alpha Flight movie and cast the star as the Canadian super-team’s swashbuckling soldier of fortune and short king Puck.

However, if we’re looking for more obscure characters that the House of Ideas could reimagine so that the performer could make them more his own, two possibilities came to mind: the former New Warrior and street-level Avenger named Rage or the vampiric Spider-Man villain Morlun. I can already see him beating down racist bullies in his yellow mask alongside Daredevil or battling different Spideys around the multiverse as he tries to feed on the core power sources of the universe known as totems.

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