S.S. Rajamouli Pulled A ‘Coup’ To Cast The Stars Of RRR

Rajamouli explained his conundrum to Seth Meyers: “I knew if I called one of [them], he will call the other person before I can call him.”. Luckily, the director thought of an ingenious solution.

“So what I did was I just called each of them and I said, ‘Why don’t you come out to my place?’ They didn’t have an idea of why I was calling them. So they just came over, and they were surprised to see the other in my place […] I took them to my balcony and said, ‘Okay, guys, I have this idea, and I’m putting this to you both at the same time. I want you to do a multi-star with you. Are you up for it?’ I didn’t tell them the story. I didn’t tell them what I’m going to make, because I also didn’t have a clear-cut idea of what I was doing at that point. Yeah, it was a nice coup, and it worked.”

Now, Charan and NTR Jr. don’t typically agree to roles before they read a script. “It’s not common practice,” NTR admitted to Film Companion. “It’s just with him.” Given their long working relationship, the two actors were willing to trust what Rajamouli would do, even without a script. “I think it’s the duty of an actor to sit down here and believe in the captain of the ship,” NTR told TheMovieReport.com. “He wants me to jump, I will jump. He wants me to crawl, I will. He wants me to take a beating, I will.” (The actor does all three in “RRR.”)

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