Sandra Bullock Was Really Blindfolded During The Filming Of Bird Box

According to Bier, it was her star’s thought to make use of an actual blindfold. Bullock might have simply been outfitted with a translucent blindfold that might have allowed the actress to see, however she was hellbent on authenticity. Luckily, Bullock had employed a coach educated in serving to blind folks and was capable of finding her approach comparatively nicely. Bier, although, was nonetheless a bit of involved and mentioned that Bullock even fell over a couple of occasions throughout filming. The director mentioned: 

“I had a completely dedicated, crazily diligent actor — I said ‘Can we just make holes in the blindfold?’ and she said ‘No way, no way’. […] I kept hoping she wouldn’t bump into the camera.”

In a separate interview with Deadline, Bier and Bullock additional mentioned the filming course of and the issue of working blindfolded. Bullock mentioned she wasn’t so involved with being unable to see as she was nervous about eradicating an important a part of her performing instrument. Without one’s eyes, a substantial amount of efficiency is lower off. The actress mentioned: 

“What’s the easiest way as an actor to show how you’re feeling on camera? It’s your eyes. And you realize when that’s taken away you don’t know how to act.”

For Reuters, Bullock elucidated, saying that she felt her efficiency was in the end higher even with out her eyes. To quote:

“I went ‘Oh my God, it’s because I don’t have my tools of expression as an actor’ … But I think in the end …it helped give a really jagged feeling to those scenes rather than if I had holes cut in my blindfold and I could see and I was pretending to stumble and be blind.”

A sequel to “Bird Box” referred to as “Bird Box Barcelona” is coming to Netflix on July 14, 2023. 

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