Sarah Michelle Gellar Urges Buffy Fans To Be Patient With Wolf Pack’s Pacing: ‘It’s Worth The Wait’

An adaptation of Edo van Belkom’s novel series of the same name, “Wolf Pack” opens with a devastating forest fire to the east of Los Angeles. As per the trailers for the show, four teenagers, who happen to be inside a school bus, find themselves trapped when the bus gets stuck in the escape route traffic. Suddenly, a horde of woodland animals is seen rushing towards them at a breakneck pace, which might very well be the prelude to them eventually getting bitten somehow. Thus, the mayhem begins.

So how doe Sarah Michelle Gellar fit into this teens-inexplicably-turning-into-beasts situation? Gellar plays arson investigator Kristin Ramsay, who seems to know much more than she initially lets on. The full extent of her involvement with all things lycanthropy (if at all) seems unclear at the moment, although it will most likely unfold languidly over the episode to come, much like Gellar claimed it would in the above interview. Until then, the series will be focusing on the toils of adolescence and the pains of growing up, with lycanthropy being an extended metaphor for found family and notions of not fitting in with the norm (and, hopefully, why that’s completely okay).

The first episode of “Wolf Pack” is now streaming on Paramount+, so feel free to check it out, if you’re so inclined.

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