Saturday Night Live Gets A Surprising New Cast Member In Pedro Pascal’s The Last Of Us Crossover Promo

First rule of hosting SNL? Don’t hit the cast members with a hammer. That being said, Mr. Pascal can do no wrong, so I’m gonna play devil’s advocate here and say that maybe Matt deserved it. He seems nice enough, but I’ve seen his murderous mushroom brethren in action — who’s to say he’s not on the verge of spreading the cordyceps virus on the SNL set? Pascal was probably doing them all a favor.

Speaking of mushroom jokes, the fact that SNL has such an accurate Clicker costume on hand is both hilarious and a very good sign. There’s no way they’d put some poor individual through hours of special effects makeup just for a promotional bit, right? I’d bet money that there’s at least one sketch inspired by “The Last of Us” in our future. Also, since Pascal’s co-workers are on the table, can we expect an appearance from (get ready for a wholly uncontroversial statement) everyone’s favorite force user, Grogu? Or, if SNL is in a throwback sort of mood, maybe we’ll catch sight of his old pal The Mountain from the set of “Game of Thrones.” I bet they’d have lots to discuss.

Pedro Pascal will be hosting “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, on February 4, 2023, with musical guest Coldplay. One day later, he’ll be back on HBO for a new episode of “The Last Of Us.”

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