Scream 6 Producer Kevin Williamson Had To Do Some Detective Work To Track Down Hayden Panettiere

Williamson has remained quiet about exactly what Kirby’s role will be in “Scream VI,” which is probably for the best. “There’s so much speculation about what her participation is in the movie and I love it,” Williamson said. “We should just let it live until the movie.”

It’s tough to predict Kirby’s role in “Scream VI” because her place in the franchise is sort of unusual. She was never in the original trilogy, nor is she part of the new cast of survivors introduced in the fifth film. Things are complicated even more by the fact that Mindy (Jasmin Savoy Brown) basically took over Kirby’s role as the self-aware horror buff of the group. These films are usually only big enough for one of these characters, which means that Kirby or Mindy particularly are in a lot of danger.

But then again, it’s more than possible that Kirby’s changed a lot since “Scream 4.” Perhaps the events of that film have soured her on the horror genre, and she’s no longer a jaded “Stab” fan like she was the first time around. And if the teaser is any indication, Mindy also seems to be far less flippant about the whole situation in this new movie. Although we have no idea which of these characters — if either — will make it out of the film in one piece, it’ll be cool to see these two interact. Perhaps Mindy gets forced into a similar trivia game with Ghostface, and Kirby gets to use her experience in “Scream 4” to help her through it. It’s anyone’s guess. But after being somewhat sidelined in both of their debut films, we just hope Kirby and Mindy get the focus they deserve.

“Scream VI” releases in theaters on March 10, 2023.

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