Sebastian Stan Wanted Every Moment In Monday To Feel Like It Was ‘Earned’

“Monday” explores the highs and lows of a relationship and the disastrous emotional consequences a passionate love affair may sometimes lead to. Gough and Stan were required to build a real relationship on-screen and portray the emotional intimacy between their characters truthfully. In an interview with Collider, Stan detailed how “Monday” wasn’t a “choreographed” or a scripted movie per se; the many parties attended by the characters were all real.

Per Stan, director Papadimitropoulos was “inviting half of Athens” to the parties and filming them as they were. The filmmaker wanted to paint an honest portrait of a relationship between people in its rawest form, and Stan suggested the resulting experience was quite a revelation for them.

“It [Monday] was like this weird invitation to go, ‘Hey, do you want to go [to a party] with, like, three people?’ You know, you’re on these sets with hundreds of people all the time, and then, what about going and working with three people? Like, creating this very intimate movie on this journey and seeing what happens. And, you know, a lot of truth came out of it for us.”

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