Shrinking’s Tone Was Always The Biggest Issue In The Writers’ Room

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, show creators Bill Lawrence, Brett Goldstein, and Jason Segel discussed finding the correct tone to “Shrinking,” and their approach to using the best possible voice for the show. “The biggest issues on this show were always tonal,” said Lawrence, “the sweet spot.”

He cited a moment in the second episode when Michael Urie’s character playfully says “Everything goes my way” to Segel’s character Jimmy, who cuts through the positivity with “It’s hard to be around someone who always says ‘Everything goes my way,’ when your wife just died.” The two sit in silence for a moment, letting the weight of his comment sink in before Urie replies, “I didn’t say everything goes your way.” There’s an immediate cathartic laugh between the two of them, and a sense of relief washes over the audience.

“That’s how my friends and I talk to each other when we’re dealing with real dark s***,” Lawrence said. “And if that line had not worked, I don’t think the show works.” Jason Segel agreed, especially as the person playing the show’s complicated protagonist:

“People will feel like he’s a good guy. You can push him right up to that line. If you cross the line, I’ll tell you. But otherwise, I’m pretty sure I can land him back into likability. And it’ll be more fun if we make him unlikable.”

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